True Comfort housekeepingIf you want more than just the standard cleaning then a housekeeper is someone who may suit your needs.  Usually extra to general house cleaning,  housekeeping services are usually bespoke and specific to your household, your schedule and your budget.

More than just the standard cleaning a  housekeeper will do all those extra things such as laundry, the dishes, sorting cupboards, making beds… The list, though not exhaustive, can be a wide as you prefer, just remember to know what this is before you hire us for housekeeping services.
Our housecleaning services include:

Making, changing, washing sheets

Bedding/ Clothing
Washing, sorting, ironing

Cleaning, sorting, organising

Putting away

Loading, unloading, cleaning out

Washing, sorting, putting away

Appliances/ Silverwear
Cleaning, polishing

Windows (internal only)
Cleaning, washing

Fridge/ Freezer
Cleaning, sorting, defrosting

Weekend breaks/Holidays
Packing cases, organising

Making, breaking, liaising between contractors

Airing, tidying, getting ready for guests

Picking up toys, tidying clutter, putting things away

Other as negotiated between home owner and housekeeper

Call us today for a thorough no obligation housekeeping audit that will detail what you want done, and how much this service will be for you.