True Comfort Cleaning ServicesHi and welcome to True Comfort Cleaning Services, my name is Elaine, I am the founder of Comfort Cleaning A Professional House Cleaning Services, homeowners contact me when they want a GUARANTEED DETAILED AND THOROUGH CLEAN, that other cleaning companies promise, but fail to deliver.

I set my business up for two reasons.  The first is that I love to clean and make life easier for people I clean for,  the second, I want to protect the health of children and everyone in the household by cleaning safer than most cleaning companies seem to do.

I’ve suffered from dust allergy all my life, and I have other related allergies which means that I cannot use standard cleaning products as I react badly to them.  This left me with a dilemma, how do I successfully clean and sanitise my home without all the products you can buy off the shelves?

Eventually I found the answers and thought that with all the information out there on so called ‘green cleaning’ that everyone else cleaned in the same way.  But they don’t and I think it’s because there are still myths about the ineffectiveness of such cleaning plus the lack of knowledge about the effects of these toxic cleaning chemicals on children’s health especially.

-In short most standard cleaning products are toxic to human health and there is another way to clean that is both effective and safe, and this is what I offer my customers when I clean their homes.

My Claim

I say that once you have a clean by me you’ll be more than delighted.  I say this because that is what all my customers say those who are new to me and those I’ve kept for years.  But then I would say that wouldn’t I.  So how can I make such a claim?  I can for 5 reasons

1.  Because of my OCD quirks I see dirt where others do not and it’s natural for me to clean in such a way that you’ll notice

2.  I love to clean and organise.  If you imagine two people one doesn’t like to clean and is doing it because they need the money and the second does who will give the better clean?  It’s proven that the second does because my customers tell me the difference between how I clean and others clean is like night and day.

3.  I have a cleaning system.  Having OCD and loving to clean is good but what gets consistent results is having a cleaning system that always works if followed.  And that’s exactly what I have.  It’s called the E.A.S.E Your life 4 part Cleaning system and I use this to make sure that standards don’t drop.  And from feedback from my long term and newer customers this works very well for them?

Why does having a system work?

1.  It gives consistent results which means you do less cleaning and you are happy with what you are paying for.

4.  I only offer thorough attention to detail cleaning.

There are broadly two types of cleaning styles, deep and surface.  I found over the years that deep is better and what most homeowners expect but only a few actually get.  The complaints my customers have had from others cleaners is that they simply do not clean, do not know how to clean, do not clean well and ultimately it doesn’t save the homeowner time.

My cleaning saves you time, money and effort and you NEVER have to re-clean after I’ve finished.

5.  I provide a done for you service.

Some cleaning companies provide cleaning equipment and products.  Some just the products and you supply the equipment.  Others you provide it all for the cleaner, but I do it differently I provide everything so you NEVER have to worry about running out of anything or wear and tear.  You sit back and it’s all taken care of.  It’s a proper done for you service.

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True Comfort Cleaning Services is a Toxic-Free House Cleaning Service  is located in South Manchester and serves the South Manchester Area including: Chorlton, Didsbury, Sale, Altrincham, Cheadle, Gatley, Withington, Gately, Northenden, and Burnage areas.

I deliberately set my cleaning services to be a premium cleaning services, which means I’m  not the cheapest on the market, but neither am I the most expensive.  I keep up to date with the latest cleaning practices that give you superior clean that few others can be bothered about, as well as protect the health of your children and you yourself.

-I believe passionately in high quality of clean and products used which is why I ONLY EVER use the best ( non toxic) products in your home and can gurantee that your health will be better served having me clean than not.

We perform our services for home owners, and renters.

Why choose True Comfort Cleaning Services?

From experience most of the complaints levelled at cleaning companies and solo cleaners is that they:

  • Aren’t reliable
  • Poor communication
  • Use toxic, caustic cleaning products that aren’t safe for babies, children, adults, pets and furniture
  • Don’t understand how to clean- they cut corners, standards slip and have a general malaise about cleaning
  • No work ethic or high enough standards
  • Not value for money
  • Householder has to re clean areas or chase the cleaner or company because they have missed items.

The True Comfort Cleaning Company  is ultra reliable, professional and cleans in such a way other cleaners would find too much trouble.  As a premium cleaning company we solve problems, make life easier for you and you don’t need to chase us because we forgot something.

When we say we are going to clean an area, we clean it the same way every time. Our standards don’t slip.

And we’re safe.  ALL our cleaning products are family, pet and house friendly –guaranteed

As a Premium cleaning service, we spend more time doing those things that make a big difference to how you feel when you walk into your home.  Attention to detail, professionalism, caring and thorough cleaning is what we will always do for your home.


To make sure you get a bespoke service, we take a few minutes to go through a house audit with you, and from that develop a cleaning system based on your exact needs.  We offer weekly, fortnightly, monthly, move-in, move out, and one off cleaning services.


Our 100% Satisfaction Promise means that if you are not satisfied with our service, then we WILL  fix the problem without hesitation.  And keep in mind that there is a difference between cheap cleaning and affordable professional cleaning that saves your health, your furnishings and your family from being harmed in any way.

If attention to detail, reliability and high standards of clean is important to you then Stericlean Professional House Cleaning is the right cleaning company for you.

True Comfort Cleaning Company Information

Comfort Cleaing Professional House Cleaning Service is one of Manchester’s most reliable Domestic cleaning services. When you book us we’ll turn up- always,  and as there are hundreds of individual cleaning companies in the Manchester area, we distinguish ourselves by being ultra- reliable, having a great attention to detail in our clean, professional, flexible and leaving your home brighter, cleaner and more ordered.

The True Comfort Cleaning  Company

151 Firbank Road

Newall Green

Manchester M23 2YP

Phone: 0161 408 2691

E-mail: info@comfort cleaning.co.uk/ elaine@comfort cleaning.co.uk


Myself and any staff I employ will be trained to comply with the latest health and safety regulations and carry out our work always with safety, efficiency and care in mind.

Our Green Side:

I have carefully sourced the most appropriate and least hazardous products to reduce our environmental  impact as well as reduce the potential for allergies from strong cleaning products.  As an allergy sufferer myself I have to very careful which products I use therefore, be reassured that the products I will use in your home will be where possible:

Have low toxicity
Have low volatile organic compound (VOC) content
Have reduced packaging


To protect you and your property, True Comfort Cleaning is insured up to £1,000,000

Proof of insurance can be presented upon request