Deep Cleaning

How does it feel to know that the dust and dirt build-up never gets tackled despite all your best intentions? deep cleaning your sink 1

When you look closely what do you see, clean magazine fresh rooms or is it more tattered around the edges?

deep cleaning stove top 1And whilst ‘dust bunnies’ under your bed aren’t under the watchful eyes of your guests, how does it feel to know if they look too closely they will see the mildew¬† on the windows, the soap scum on the bathroom tiles,

Domestic cleaning services Manchester the grime behind the tap seals going black with neglect, whilst the dust has ground in on your radiators and settled thickly on your ornaments?

Domestic cleaning services Manchester

If the edges of your carpets seem darker because it’s a little bit more effort to get out the crevice tool and give it a thorough clean then you may be interested in having a True Comfort deep clean.

Domestic cleaning services Manchester Our premium ‘ True Comfort Clean’ gives your house a deep and thorough clean that leaves your whole house looking pristine neat and magazine fresh.

Domestic cleaning services Manchester So no matter what your style, our clean will enhance your home making it feel as if you’ve just moved in.

Domestic cleaning services Manchester We know that very few people like cleaning and even if you do, if you work, have a family and other commitments, cleaning, deep cleaning, often gets neglected because there simply isn’t enough time.

Domestic cleaning services Manchester So, if you knew that there was a cleaning service that could give your home a cleaning make-over, one that took the pressure off you to be superman or superwoman, how reassuring would that be for you?

Domestic cleaning services Manchester Eveyone wants a nice looking home, one that perferably cleaned itself, but as that’s not realistic, make Comfort Cleaning your first port of call for help when that dust and dirt starts to take over.

Domestic cleaning services Manchester A True Comfort clean leaves you free to spend your time doing what cleaning typically stops you doing, so we take care of the general cleaning alongside getting down into those nooks and crannies seeking out dirt, hair and dust and grime that gets trapped in the sides of your toilet, under your shower screen, behind taps, on top of your skirting boards.

Domestic cleaning services Manchester So, if your fridge is collecting dust in the crevices, we’ll get rid of it, if sticky fatty deposits are starting to collect around the buttons on your washing machine or stove top, we’ll hunt them out. We clean where others don’t want to, see no point to, and take no pride in doing.

Domestic cleaning services Manchester I like to clean and it shows in the type of clean you will get from me. And if you take pride in how your home looks..And you want to make sure the first impressions your family, friends and strangers get from your home is a great one, then our premium cleaning is right for you

Domestic cleaning services Manchester Our deep cleaning package is what you’ll get as soon as you sign up to have Comfort Cleaning do your cleaning for you. But if you want your home to be dust free, and deeply clean, then why opt for this package every clean.

Domestic cleaning services Manchester There is a lot that goes into making your home a cut above the rest, and the first place to start is via the type of cleaning that gets done, because though expensive furniture can always make your home look great, if your budget doesn’t stretch to the latest in chaise longs or antique furniture, a deep clean will ALWAYS make your home sing.

Domestic cleaning services Manchester

So whilst a True Comfort premium deep clean may not be the cheapest cleaning service on the market, it’s one that will bring more than a smile to your face. It’s the kind of clean that makes you proud to show off your home, feel less guilty for not being able to do it all, and more relaxed because you know someone else is there to help you achieve the look and feel you’ve always wanted.

And as an added benefit your health is taken care of too with our toxic free cleaning products.

Domestic cleaning services Manchester

Call us today and book your home for a True Comfort deep clean, because you really want a clean home that you don’t have to do, don’t you?

Remember ‘The devils in the detail’ as the saying goes, and as much as our basic cleaning service is more thorough than most cleaning companies and cleaners servicing your area do, our premium cleaning service goes that two or three steps further because we believe you and your home are worth it.

To find out more about giving your home a True Comfort, premium deep clean, call us today on 0161 408 2691 and set up an appointment or contact us here.