Cleaning Without Chemicals

Want A Cleaner Home, But Reluctant To Try Yet Another Cleaning Service? Get Your First Hour Of A “One Off” Professional Standard Deep Clean For FREE And If In The Unlikely Event That I’ve Not Delivered On What We Agreed, The You Don’t Have To Pay- Not A Single Penny. I Stand By My Claims So You Have Nothing To Lose But Everything To Gain!


Worryied That You Simply Do Not Have The Time To Do The Right Thing By Your Family?  True Comfort Cleaning Services Is For Busy Professionals With A Growing Family, Who Value Consistently Thorough, Attention To Detail Cleaning.  We Leave Your Home Looking Beautiful, But Use SAFER Cleaning Products That Don’t Harm Your Children’s Health

Why Hiring A Cleaning Service Isn’t Just About Finding The Most Well Known Company, With Vetted Staff And Low Prices

Hi, Is your life is pretty hectic and you need some help?

You want a clean home right?  And you want it done as quickly and as cheaply as you can get it,  right?  Well that’s understandable because for most people cleaning is just cleaning,  so why pay more than what you’re earning per hour for something anyone – everyone can do?

The only reason you want a cleaner is because you’re busy, you don’t have the time to clean and when you do have spare time why spend it cleaning? Again understandable.

But, cleaning, at least the way I do it, isn’t just about cleaning, cleaning methods have changed, because they had to, and the days of hiring the cheapest cleaner who will do a quick run through with the vacuum cleaner isn’t enough anymore.

Let me explain why

You may have noticed that I don’t just offer to clean your home but I offer a safer clean, why is that do you think?  I know something that maybe you know or maybe you don’t, but the cleaning products that you or your present cleaning company is using is causing you more harm than the dust, dirt and grime that you’re cleaning away.

Let me say that again.

The cleaning products that you’re using is causing you, your children, your family members and your pets more harm than the dust, dirt and grime that you’re cleaning away.

And if you didn’t already know that, because not everyone does, know this too, this is not just about hepa filters on your vacuum cleaner, or buying the most expensive brand names cleaning products, and it’s not even about always buying green products either, and it’s certainly not about making sure your children are out of the room when you’re using the standard cleaning products.

So what is this about?  It’s about protecting your health by improving the air quality of your home

Your home has become the number one hazard for increasing health risks to you and your family, especially your children.  And this is why I offer not just a clean, but a safer clean.

Asthma, Eczema, Allergies, Birth defects, Breathing problems, Cancer, and even Developmental issues in children, are all True comfort cleaning services on the increase, and research has found the link between what you clean your home with to the increase to these illnesses.

So, if you’re at all concerned about what is in the cleaning products and what they are actually doing to your health, but don’t have the time to do the research, don’t worry we’ve done that for you.  If you know that the best you can do is to hide your children away when you’re cleaning, we have a solution for you here too.

Cleaning products have changed and that’s why cleaning had to change to keep up, the old school ways of cleaning is no longer adequate enough to protect you and your family’s health.

What I offer you is a Home Detox Cleaning System.  The Home Detox Cleaning System cleans your home, protects your family’s health ( or at the very least doesn’t aggravate known health issues) and then I educate you on the best cleaning products to use now and in the future, if you’re interested to know.

I know you’re busy, that’s why you need my cleaning services.  I  know that you’re not afraid of asking for help, because no one can do it all.  And I also know that the help you get from me is more than what you’re paying for.

So when you come home after a long day at work you want to flop down and take a breath, catch up with your family and unwind, remember my Home Detox Cleaning System allows you to do this with peace of mind that your home can become the safe haven you designed it to be.

What you should know

I only use eco-friendly/Green cleaning products ( to see what is meant by green click here) that allow you to relax in a clean and healthy home

I am up to date on the latest cleaning technologies (GURANTEED to remove 99.9% of bacteria from your home) that use less and less cleaning products- green or otherwise- that are proving to safeguard your homes furnishings, your health and of course the environment as well as giving you a superior clean.

I offer you consistently thorough cleaning or it’s FREEclick here for our 100% money back guarantee

I don’t cut corners I clean them, in and under everything

I am passionate about cleaning- this really makes a difference to the type of clean you’ll end up with

I’m reliable I ALWAYS  turn up ALWAYS or your next clean is free- click here for guarantee

Deep cleaning is my speciality, it’s child and pet safe,  if the health of your family is a concern for you and you like that new house feel

I’m professional, honest and trustworthy- (and yes of course I would say that, but you can put me to the test with some FREE cleaning).

And though True Comfort Cleaning Services  might not be the cheapest professional cleaning company, I believe my prices reflect the quality and level of service you expect to receive from a reliable and professional cleaning company.

If you have any questions at all call me on 0161 408 2691   or contact me via email: elaine (at) comfort or use the form here

You may wonder what others are saying about our cleaning , check the our customer reviews and if you have any questions the FAQ’S will answer those for you.

And why not check out this months special offer- FREE CLEANING OFFER click here to find out more. If you want a premium service at affordable prices, you’re in the right place, and know that once you have us give you true comfort cleaning, you will be delighted.  And remember  The  True Comfort Cleaning Company Only Carries Out  Safe And Thorough cleans.